Top 3 Tips for Storing Tailgating Gear

Grilling before the games is not just fun, it is tradition, but where do you store your gear in between games? Seasonal storage at ValuSpace® Personal Storage is the answer. Our Albany NY storage units make moving the grill and coolers simple. With the following tips your belongings are sure to be ready for any outdoor feast or parking lot party.

Clear the Crumbs

Fill up the chip bowl and start the grill, it is time to fill up before the game. Tailgating is a fun and exciting way to build up the team spirit and get ready to root on your team. So your utensils are ready for the next cookout, gave them a little care. Remove any crumbs and allow the coolers to dry before storing them. We work hard to keep our facility rodent and bug free, help us achieve this by removing residue from your items before closing the door.

Make Room for Memorabilia

Bring home the foam fingers and keepsakes from the game. They will make a great addition to your collection. If you would like to designate some space in your house for the sports memorabilia you have, consider moving your out of season items to a secure storage unit. Storing your valuable items will make room for the ultimate sports display.

Grab the Accessories

A quick game of football or relaxing under the shade, are all pre-game activities. Take care of your tailgating accessories so you can enjoy your time. While you are cooking burgers, it is nice to have a little shade to shield you from the sun. If you notice tears in the fabric patch them right away so you do not have a bigger problem down the road.

Get the face paint ready and find your lucky jersey, its tailgating time! If you are not heading out to a cookout quite yet, find the seasonal storage solutions at ValuSpace® Personal Storage.