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Need a storage unit size guide to help you decide which of our small, medium, or large storage units to rent? Choosing a large storage unit for a few boxes may be more space than you need, but once your inventory starts stacking up, you may want some extra wiggle room. ValuSpace Personal Storage has the solutions, tips, and expertise to help you narrow down your selection, so you can choose the best fit for your situation. Rent online today and start moving your gear to safety with ValuSpace Personal Storage and one of our three storage facilities in New York’s Capital District.

ValuSpace Personal Storage - Storage Unit Size Guide

ValuSpace Personal Storage’s Storage Unit Size Guide

Small Storage Units

  • Our small storage units begin at 5×5 feet, and all three of our facilities have these available for rent. You can store as much as you would in a walk-in closet—a few large boxes and miscellaneous items. Smaller furniture may be able to be tucked inside, but be sure to double check measurements before attempting to fit larger pieces like mattresses. A twin size might fit alright in a small storage unit, but for a queen or king, you will want to size up.

Medium Storage Units

  • The next size storage unit category offers enough space to store two to three bedrooms’ worth of items. These are versatile and can act as your temporary storage space or long-term solution. Our medium storage units offer between 100-150 square feet of useful space. If you are unsure whether to size up or down and think you will somewhere in this range, you can always reach out to our helpful staff members for a recommendation.

Large Storage Units

  • Need to store the whole house? Our large storage units provide ample space for all your items, from the kitchen table and chairs to your bedroom furniture sets. Large self storage space is useful when you need an organized area to house your belongings during a move or hold your office furniture as your business grows or downsizes. Our Albany, NY, storage facility provides space large enough for vehicle storage as well!

Our Storage Calculator

Our calculator can help you determine what size unit would be best for your needs. Using the form below, tell us what you need to store and our calculator will provide an estimate in cubic feet as well as the storage size you’ll need. We’ll calculate the size and recommend a unit based on the space needed.

Source: Self Storage Association