Staging your house for a successful sale

Break out the paint cans and for sale sign, it is time to sell the house, are you ready? In order for a successful sale ValuSpace® Personal Storage offers top of the line indoor storage units and tips to spruce up your space. Staging can highlight the appearance of your living space with just a few quick fixes which will increase the possibilities of speedy sale.

Indoor storage units Albany NY

Start simple

  • Remove all the excess items from your space, especially near the entryway. Do not overwhelm a potential client with to much furniture as soon as they walk in the door.
  • While simplifying rent indoor storage units to secure the extra bookshelves and family memorabilia.
  • Taking down family portraits allows your guests the opportunity to envision their photos on the mantel.
  • Keep your artwork simple. Do not hang anything that will distract them from what is important, your house.

A quick spruce

  • Give all surfaces a deep clean. Wash the carpets and drapes to disperse unwanted smells.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint or change colors to a neutral pallet in major living spaces.
  • Go bold with a bright blanket or pillow. Fresh flowers or plants are also a great idea.

Final touches

  • Keep your coat closets half full. This not only helps your buyer see their belongings there but they can also see the potential for storage.
  • A showing can happen at anytime, so keep your house smelling clean by monitoring what gets cooked. Keep the fish and powerful food for another night.
  • Reorganize the furniture for a better flow through your house. Store leftover furniture with us until it is needed.

Finding the right place to call home does not have to be stressful. At ValuSpace® Personal Storage we keep our storage unit prices low so you can find the best storage solutions.