Secure Winter Vehicle Storage

New York winters can take a toll on your vehicle, especially if it is not equipped for the cold and snow. There is a simple solution to keep your vehicle protected without taking up space in your garage: self storage. ValuSpace Personal Storage has three self storage locations, at which we offer drive-up storage units and/or outdoor parking for winter vehicle storage. Rent your storage online. Then follow these tips to prepare your vehicle for storage.

1. Clean Your Vehicle

Start with the inside, and clear out any trash and wrappers that have added up. Then vacuum and wipe down the interior to get rid of crumbs that might attract pests. On the outside, you are working to protect your paint. Give your vehicle a good wash and wax to prevent scratches and rust.

2. Fill Your Gas Tank

You will want to stop by the gas station before dropping your vehicle off at ValuSpace Personal Storage. When there is room in the gas tank, moisture can form and cause your car to accelerate poorly. Adding stabilizer will also help, and you should definitely add it if you plan to store for three months or longer. Another tip for longer storage is to change your oil before storing.

ValuSpace Personal Storage Has Secure Winter Vehicle Storage

With three self storage facilities in the Albany-Troy NY area, ValuSpace Personal Storage has the storage units and professionals to give you an easy storage experience. Whether you are looking for residential storage to organize your home or commercial storage to manage your business, we can get you set up with affordable self storage. Call the office closest to you today to talk to one of our experts about the best storage option for your needs. We have temperature-controlled storage units, drive-up storage units, outdoor parking, and more available now. Rent or reserve yours online today!

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