Refer a Friend to ValuSpace Personal Storage for Big Savings on Rentals

Moving to a new area? If you live in the Troy-Albany area, ValuSpace Personal Storage has the self storage for you. Find a storage solution for any kind of storage need, and refer a friend to us to save money on your next rental. We have helped many people move in and out of their homes this year, and we looked at why so many people seemed to be leaving cities during the pandemic.

Reasons Residents Left Large Cities

  • Financial Situations. Many companies issued layoffs that left hundreds of thousands of people unemployed. Some people could no longer afford to live in the city. And some looked to get away to find a more affordable place to conduct their working from home. Pricy cities like New York and Chicago had some of the largest numbers of residents move away.
  • Support. When the coronavirus began spreading in the U.S., we did not know a lot about it, and with so many layoffs and people getting sick, a lot of people got worried. Many looked to family and friends and moved closer for support during quarantine months.

Refer a Friend to Us & Save on Storage!

When you are moving in the Albany area, you need ValuSpace Personal Storage. We have three locations in the area to serve you where it is most convenient. With temperature-controlled and drive-up storage options, as well as outdoor parking for your vehicle, we are sure to have what you need available. Stop by your closest facility or call or speak to an expert about what ValuSpace Personal Storage can do for you. And when you refer a friend to our services, you each get $50 off your next rental. So grab a buddy before heading to our Albany NY, Halfmoon NY, or Troy NY self storage facility. You can also rent your storage online!

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