Packing tips before you arrive at the storage unit

Dreaming of the summer time fun? Start your spring cleaning with Albany NY self storage from ValuSpace® Personal Storage. Our indoor storage is ideal when the weather heats up. Clean off the dust and open the shades with our storage packing tips your space will be ready for the first BBQ of the season.

While you look forward to summer activities, spring cleaning can make the start of warmer weather that much more enjoyable. Get boxes ready, your mops soaking, and your storage unit packed with the following spring cleaning and packing tips.

Storage Packing Tips for the Spring:

  • Gather all your clothes, books, decorations, etc. then separate for donation or keep.
  • Stay organized and mark each box with the destination visibly on the outside. When you come next year it may be hard to remember what is in each box or where it should go.
  • Break down the bed frame and any other furniture that can be smaller. Conserve space and store your couch on it’s side for optimum storage.
  • No one wants to lift a large box that is heavier then expected, so keep heavy items in smaller boxes. Pillows and blankets are lighter, so they can go in the bottom of the dresser drawers or in a large box.
  • Clean and dry refrigerators and freezers prior to arriving. This is best done at least 24 hours prior to storing.
  • Maybe hiring a moving company is the way to go. Talk with our store manager for convenient local movers.
  • Fill in gaps within boxes with clothes or towels.

So you can enjoy the spring weather get your space in order after a long winter. Self storage is the answer to your seasonal needs and the team at ValuSpace® Personal Storage is ready to help! Start packing your gear for storage to make the swap easier. Talk with us for more storage packing tips!