Our Spring Cleaning Challenge

Are you up for the challenge? Get your home ready for spring with a task a day calendar. Work your way through the house, cleaning, decluttering, and organizing in time for nicer weather.

Tackle the chore list with spring cleaning tasks each day! Don’t forget to clean out the storage unit too.

Spring Cleaning at Your Storage Unit

The time to clean is here, don’t forget to clean out your storage unit too! It is a good idea to visit your storage unit periodically to make sure everything is intact. Here are a few tips to use when headed to your storage unit for spring cleaning.

  1. Remove damaged boxes with new sturdy ones.
  2. Sweep out your storage unit.
  3. Make room for your winter tools moving into storage.
  4. Organize your storage unit according to the frequency of use.
  5. Donate unwanted items to our charity storage unit!

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After the house in order, you may find your storage unit is at capacity this spring. Talk with our experts about upgrading your storage space.

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Start Storing Today!

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