Organizing With Pinterest

Are you ready for spring? It will come sooner then we know, and ValuSpace® Personal Storage wants you to be prepared. Now is a great time to clean out the house and get rid of clutter. Pinterest has ideas for home renovation, clutter clean-out, and spring cleaning. Find the links below to start organizing with Pinterest.

Preparation is key:

Preparation is all part of getting organized. Find easy checklists and schedules to stick to. You won’t forget anything, as long as you are going down the list. Also don’t rush. Take your time when you are organizing. One room at a time is enough to handle. Find a schedule that works for you.

Jump right in:

Once you have a plan in motion, jump right into the clutter. Pinterest has helpful step by step tips for every room in your house. Even though you are getting rid of the clutter, sometimes all you need is some creativity and you can re-purpose your items. Reuse and recycle items before creating more waste.

While you are cleaning out your rooms now is great time to clean those odd items in your house.

Keep your guest bedroom and bathroom looking like an oasis and kick the clutter out with these simple hints. When the warmer weather is upon us there will be cookouts and outside BBQ parties to plan. Make sure your kitchen and outdoor space are ready to handle your guests.

Manage the finances:

Pinterest can become overwhelming with all the information. Make sure to limit the time you are searching; that way you aren’t wasting any time. Also, keep your budget in mind whenever you are conquering a new home project. Whether you are preparing for a move or planning for the future, it is smart to have an ICE book (In Case of Emergency). You may never need to use the book, but if you do, you will be happy to have all your documents in one location.

Don’t let the thought of spring cleaning halt the fun in the sun. Stop in to talk with your storage experts at ValuSpace® Personal Storage. We have the supplies and advice to take your worries away.