Moving Out of State Checklist

What do you need to do before a move? From where to update your personal information to how to replenish your pantry and linens, we have a checklist to help. ValuSpace® Personal Storage offers the experience you need when it comes to moving and storage. Our 2 storage locations in Troy NY and Albany NY can help you find the extra space you require for a move.

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Moving Cross Country

Replenish Your Pantry

Now that you have cleaned out dry goods that are past the expiration date, combined spices, and moved your pantry, make sure you have all your bases covered. Basic needs in the kitchen are helpful when at a new place, to make your house feel like home. If it has been a while since a clean sweep like this, a checklist can assist while you shop for your pantry.

From food to cleaning supplies, building up your resources again will help things get back to normal.

Where to Change Your Address?

Changing your address before you move can help in certain situations but if you are moving cross country you will need to establish residency before updating. Each state is a little different, but a good rule of thumb is 6 months at your current address. This is important for taxes and voting registrations.

See the other places that will be helpful to update.

  1. Forward your mail starting on your buy date. The USPS website allows you to schedule when to start forwarding mail and allows for a 1 month grace period to get the rest of your mail on board.
  2. Plan a day in the week to visit the motor vehicle agency for your state, you will need to get your change of address in order.
  3. Credit card companies, banks, and your insurance agent, all will need to be notified of your move.
  4. If moving to another state, locate a new school, doctors office, and dentist office before moving day.
  5. If you are staying in the same area, notify your doctors offices, and children’s school of your recent move.

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