Local Storage and Organization For Back To School

Where did summer go? Along with summer adventures comes seasonal equipment and toys, where do you find space for them during winter? You end up spending more time indoors when the weather gets cold, so your home needs to stay organized. With the kids headed back to school, now is a great time to team up with our local storage facilities in Troy NY and Albany NY.

See how ValuSpace® Personal Storage is preparing for cooler weather and how our space can help you.

Local Storage

Fall Storage Solutions

  1. Both of our storage locations provide indoor temperature controlled storage units.
  2. Before storing camping gear, make sure all utensils used with food are properly cleaned.
  3. Clear bins can help you determine between the beach toys and the tent for camping.
  4. Pack away clothing and pull out your favorite sweaters with tips from the pros at InStyle.
  5. If you plan on storing yard equipment, do a little maintenance before storing it. Take the gas out of the tank and replace the oil.

Back to School Tips for Organizing

  1. Get the kids out the door on time by setting a few alarms to keep them on track.
  2. Create a location everyone sees before they leave. Keep important messages there like a calendar, menu, or reminders.
  3. A bin in the fridge with some of the kid’s favorite foods can make packing lunches a little easier.
  4. Pack an emergency bag of school supplies in the car for those mornings the kids miss the bus and you have to rush them to school.

ValuSpace® Personal Storage in Albany NY and Troy NY are more than just a storage solution for the fall. Our local storage is here to help you pack away last season’s equipment and get ready for changing weather.

Start renting extra space and getting organized with our local storage options in your neighborhood! Rent online or stop in to talk with us.