How to Pack Your Storage Unit

Looking for a some quick tips on how to pack your storage unit? ValuSpace Personal Storage has you covered. The facilities offer a variety of storage unit sizes to fit any customer’s needs. Unit sizes range from the smallest at 5×5 feet to the largest storage option of 10×30 feet. ValuSpace Personal Storage of New York’s Capital Region is made up of three self storage facilities serving Albany, Troy, and Halfmoon, NY. Also, our storage locations are great resources for any university students in the area! Read more below to find creative solutions to pack your storage unit in order to stay organized for the long haul.

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3 Easy Tips on How to Pack Your Storage Unit

1. Make Sure to Plan Your Storage Unit’s Layout

Load your storage unit strategically. Allow yourself some extra room for an aisle, so you can have easy access to the entire storage unit—sides and back corners included. Store larger items such as furniture toward the back, and if they are sturdy enough, you can use them as a base to stack other boxes or bins on top. Additionally, you can disassemble your larger items for easier storage.

When storing items that you need to access fairly frequently, keep them toward the front of the storage unit by the door. Long-term storage and valuables can be tucked into the back corners out of your way.

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2. Label Everything

This might sound redundant, but label every box or storage bin you plan on storing—especially if they are not clear and you cannot see their contents. mentions the importance of maintaining an up-to-date inventory list for your storage unit. If you plan on storing long-term, it will get difficult to remember which items you placed in storage and which are still stored around your home or business. 

3. Pay Attention to the Weights of Large Items & Boxes

Avoid clutter by packing loose items in storage bins. Boxes and bins are then easier to stack and organize in your storage unit. Larger and heavier items should be placed at the bottom as a foundation, whereas smaller items, such as shoes or seasonal clothing, can be placed on top. Be sure to stop in at ValuSpace Personal Storage for all of your packing and moving supplies needs!

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ValuSpace Personal Storage in the Capital District, NY

Now that you have a good idea of how to pack your storage unit to make the most of it, let us help you find a storage unit near you to keep your space clutter-free for good. ValuSpace Personal Storage is the safe and secure storage solution for the Capital District. With self storage facilities in Albany, Halfmoon, and Troy, we are where you need us most. Our amenities include temperature control and drive-up entry for our storage units, giving you plenty of options to find a storage solution to fit your needs and your budget while also keeping your peace of mind. The front gates require personalized keypad codes to gain access, and our security cameras are recording 24/7—safety is our top priority!

Come stop in today to check out the ValuSpace Personal Storage location closest to you and stock up on some packing supplies. You can discuss your storage situation to our experts, and they can help match you with the right storage unit size, features, supplies, and resources. It is that easy! Or handle your rental completely online through our online storage rentals

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