Common Student Storage Mistakes

Are you a recent graduate looking for affordable state college storage units? Look no further than the convenience and affordability of ValuSpace Personal Storage in New York. ValuSpace has locations in Albany, Troy, and Halfmoon, NY, and is equipped to provide affordable college storage units to students at any of the surrounding schools. When your semester is ending feel confident in your storage choice! Read more below to learn of some college storage tips, as well as some common student storage mistakes every renter should avoid.

3 Common Student Storage Mistakes

Choosing the Wrong Sized Unit

As a college student it might be tempting to try and save some money and downgrade your storage unit. Still, there is nothing more frustrating than running out of storage space mid move. In a recent article detailing summer storage tips, notes that a 5×10 storage unit is ideal for storing one room of dorm furniture. ValuSpace Personal Storage offers this size and more – use the convenient storage calculator to get a better idea of what size storage you will be needing.

Declining Storage Insurance or a Protection Plan

ValuSpace Personal Storage offers a variety of protection plans to fit any renter’s needs. As a college student it might be tempting to avoid these plans and save some money. Still, in the event of any damage occurring the renter is ultimately held liable. Save yourself a potential headache and order a protection plan knowing that your items are safe and secure while you are home on your break.

Failing to Stay Organized

Avoid packing your unit without a plan – create an inventory list, and label all boxes loaded into your storage unit. It is also helpful to pack by priority. Larger items such as sofas or mattresses should be stowed toward the back of your unit, whereas small boxes containing clothing or books should be kept at front. You can also pack vertically to create more space in your unit. Visit ValuSpace today for all of your moving and packing supplies!

ValuSpace Personal Storage in New York

ValuSpace Personal Storage offers affordable state college storage units to the greater New York area. Amenities of this location include temperature-controlled storage units, and convenient month-to-month leasing options (perfect for any college student). Additionally, all units are secured via gate access and digitalized key pad. Feel secure in your storage with ValuSpace! Come visit today!

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