Choosing the Right Storage Rental for Winter

Cooler days are ahead and ValuSpace® Personal Storage can be the answer you need. A storage rental can be helpful for businesses preparing for a busy holiday season, as well as a homeowner searching for the right storage space. We offer two self storage locations, one in Albany NY and another brand new facility in Troy NY.

Find tips for winterizing your vehicle along with self storage tips for your items. Both of our storage facilities give our customers the interior temperature controlled storage unit they need, but our experts go the extra distance to give you a few pointers for moving the car into the garage for winter.

Storage Rental

  • Change the oil and top off tanks in your lawn mower, vehicle, and other items that will be sitting for a few months.
  • Sediment is common in gas powered appliances, a stabilizer will prevent clogged lines.
  • Whether your car storage option is in the garage or parked in the driveway, a cover is a must!
  • Inflate tires to the maximum pressure; this includes any yard equipment and especially your car.

Storage options in Troy NY and Albany NY can help you protect your items this winter. When it comes to storing the car in your garage or driveway use these tips to help your vehicle through winter. Both of our storage facilities can answer your storing questions and help you store your gear in a the storage rental you need.

Talk to our storage experts about how temperature controlled storage units protect your belongings.  At both of our storage locations we offer indoor storage so your gear has a safe location away from changing temperatures. We are here to help you store all your belongings. Let us know what you need and we will walk you through the process of renting your storage unit.