5 Storage Supplies To Benefit Your Move

5 Storage Supplies To Benefit Your Move

Are you packing up your belongings for the season and need a place to store them? It may be challenging to figure out what storage supplies you need or even how many boxes will pack everything. ValuSpace® Personal Storage can help! Not only can we provide a safe location to store near you, but we have merchandise useful for moving to a storage unit on site!

Moving your belongings to a storage unit does not have to be stressful or confusing. Use our suggestions the next time you plan on moving.

What Storage Supplies Do You Need?

  1. Boxes – A variety of size would be best!
  2. Tape – You can never have enough.
  3. Labels – Useful for movers and staying organized in your storage unit.
  4. Packing Paper – Peanuts, newsprint, paper all are great to protect your breakables.
  5. Mattress Bags – Find our selection helpful for the whole family.

These are just 5 basic storage supplies you will need when moving. Stop in our office to find more! Grab a lock for your storage unit or dust covers to protect your valuables.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Supplies Here?

This month when you purchase anything from a lock to boxes, we will donate a portion of the total to Susan G Komen. Find convenient public storage and tools to make packing your belongings easy with ValuSpace® Personal Storage.

If you need help determining the number of boxes or tape rolls needed, use U-Haul’s supply calculator.

Not sure which storage unit size is best? Use our storage calculator to rent the right storage space for the amount you are storing. Head to our units page and rent right away or reserve and come check out your storage unit before renting! We will hold your space for up to two weeks. This will give you a chance to speak with our store manager.

ValuSpace® Personal Storage knows moving your gear to storage may be new to you but with our tools and industry experts, you can have your valuables moved to storage in no time. Find our ValuSpace Personal Storage facilities in Albany NY, Troy NY and another location opening soon in Halfmoon NY.