5 Questions You Need To Ask The Pros

Moving is a common occurrence for some, and ValuSpace® Personal Storage is here to help you gather the resources you need to make it simple. We features local moving companies on our neighborhood friends board to help you find local businesses to trust. Each of our locations feature a mover that can alleviate your worries and make the house swap easy.

ValuSpace® Personal Storage has storage units in Albany NY and Troy NY so you can store close to home. Our storage locations are brand new, with the highest level of security and experts who know the industry.

Ready to get moving? These local movers and moving questions can get you started.

Local Moving Companies

What To Ask Movers?

  1. Do you offer free estimates?
  2. Do you hire temporary helpers?
  3. What are the additional charges? Weekend, evenings, etc.
  4. Who is my point of contact on the day of moving?
  5. What do I do if my date for the move changes?

Gather references and listen to customer reviews, finding a professional mover is an important step to the big picture. If do not know where to start and are feeling overwhelmed, check out our neighborhood friends board at either of our locations.

Looking for local movers in Albany NY and near Troy NY? Here is a list we have that can answer your questions.

  1. Mingo Moving – Residential and Commercial Movers
  2. Courteous Moving Labor

Here at ValuSpace® Personal Storage we can answer your questions for finding local moving companies as well as available storage rentals. We are happy to answer your questions so your next move is easy. Give us a call today or stop by our office in Albany NY or Troy NY.