Successful Storage Stories

What are the stories behind the people storing at ValuSpace® Personal Storage? Check out our personal storage stories to see how you can improve your space. Our Albany storage facility helps many homeowners and businesses. Storing does not have to be stressful or a hassle. With the help of our experts you have the tools for success. See how easy saving space can be with ValuSpace® Personal Storage.

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A family of four moves into the Albany area because mom recently got a promotion. They are familiar with the area but this new promotion would add 20 minutes to her commute if they stayed in their current neighborhood. The decision to move is a tough one to make, but for this family moving would make their daily lives easier. Their previous house sold but now they are under a time crunch to find the next place to call home. In between starting a new job and finding the right house, they rent an apartment for a short time. With kids, a dog and enough furniture for a single family home, it will not all fit in their new apartment. That’s where ValuSpace® Personal Storage comes in! Our flexible options allow them to pay month to month until their lease is up and they find the dream home. One of our larger units offers sufficient space to protect the extra furnishings and seasonal gear. In this case a storage unit with us alleviates a tight timeline.

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Another customer comes to us while their basement is getting refinished. From choosing the carpet to what color the walls are and unforeseen problems, they are getting pulled in every direction. Instead of moving the winter gear and game room items on to the first floor, they decided to move them into a small storage unit. Since the estimated time of completion is only a month away, they do not have to worry about signing a long term lease. Our short term storage options are perfect for a home renovations as well as seasonal storage.

These are just two personal storage stories of customers looking for storage in Albany NY. ValuSpace® Personal Storage offers solutions when life gets hectic or your space is getting a new look. Let us know we can help you find your space saving solution.