Getting Your Summer Gear Ready

Fun in the sun is right around the corner, get your summer gear ready for all the adventures. ValuSpace® Personal Storage in Albany NY has the extra space to keep your peace of mind this season.

Maybe this is the year you start a new outdoor hobby or you expand your friends list with a neighborhood party. Before you know it, your new equipment has taken over your spare bedroom. Most of us do not have the space to keep everything organized and conveniently located in our homes. The storage units at ValuSpace® Personal Storage offer the secure convenience you need this summer.

Don’t forget to check with your property manager about 24-hour access. Most facilities have the option for extended hours with a small fee. So, go ahead and plan that early morning fishing trip or family vacation, we’ll keep your supplies ready!

Pool/ Beach Gear:

Those pool toys from last season may have seen better days. Your inflatables can be damaged by the summer heat or humidity. Give them a good look over before bringing them out for the season.

To avoid any unwanted mold, it is especially important to let your equipment completely dry before storing again.

Before putting your equipment to use, look to make sure nothing is broken, or has become a home for any small pests.

Kayaks / Canoes

Keep your personal boat out of harms way on a shelf. Storing them off the floor and on their side, will deter rodents from making a home.

For the sake of getting on the water faster, a cover will protect against the buildup of dirt and grim.

Allow for adequate dry time. Scrub down your boat and sit it out to fully dry.

Talk with your helpful storage experts to figure out what size unit you need.

Patio Furniture:

The most ideal location for furniture is indoors, out of detrimental weather.

Those large play areas that have been sitting out all winter can look like new with a little hot soapy water.

Before you host the first neighborhood shindig examine your furniture for holes or tears. Replace any that are not fixable.

Make the most of your summer gear with our help!