Temperature Controlled Self Storage Albany NY
October 16, 2020

5 Items That Need Temperature Controlled Self Storage

As New York winter approaches, it is time to find the appropriate storage for your seasonal items. When temperatures change, items in storage can get damaged. Make sure your items are protected with reliable temperature-controlled self storage from ValuSpace Personal Storage on North Russell Road!

Protect from mildew, mold, rust, misshaping, and more with temperature control.

1. Clothing

You probably do not need your shorts and short-sleeved shirts during the cold weather. When you pack them away, store them so they stay in the same condition you left them.

2. Electronics

Temperature-controlled self storage keeps your storage unit in a specific temperature range to avoid extreme temperatures and extra moisture. Electronics like computers and video equipment require temperature control so they do not short circuit.

3. Business Inventory

Temperature-controlled storage units are also convenient for commercial storage. Business owners can safely store and organize their inventory. Many times, these are delicate or hand-made objects that would get damaged over time without the extra security of temperature control.

4. Furniture

Furniture—as well as anything else made with wood, metal, leather, or upholstery—is prone to damage from fluctuations in temperature for many different reasons. Wood can warp, metal can rust, and different materials retain moisture (potentially bringing on mold).

5. Antiques and Collectibles

If you are trying to store older prized possessions, we know you want to keep them in top shape for as long as possible. From artwork to cars, if you would consider it an antique, it needs the extra security of temperature control.

Temperature Controlled Self Storage in Albany NY

ValuSpace Personal Storage is near the intersection of I-90 and State Route 85 in Upper Washington Avenue. We are a great storage option for students at Albany NY colleges and universities. The University at Albany is just 5 minutes up the road, and downtown Albany is 12 minutes down Washington Avenue. ValueSpace Personal Storage can help match whatever your storage needs are to the right temperature-controlled self storage unit. Start renting now to organize your space!

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